Rochester Visit – Day 1 – Rochester Subway

We returned to Rochester again this year with hopes of visiting some of the interesting places Carl has posted on his blog,, such as Skyes Datatronics, and FlintKote, as well as hitting up the ol’ Dino BBQ and Buffalo wild wings, two of my favorite food places that I cant get any more..

We ended up having to much to do in NJ, and hotels were more expensive, so we decided to go up on Thursday, instead of Wednesday, and ended up shooting at the Huber Coal Breaker in Ashley PA on the way up. Once we got to Rochester though, it was nearing dinner time, and we went off and got some Dinos, Stat!

On Friday, we wanted started with the Subway, which opened in 1927, and closed in 1956. Since then it has sat, basically unused, and unguarded. I had been one once before, back in college, in 1999 with the PhotoHouse class. We went as a group as it provided both a social activity, enough people that there were enough cars, and then a large enough group to protect us from the bums. It was about midnight when we started and made it to the end around 2am that time.

This time we started about 11am, and shot for about 2 hours, in subfreezing temps. I did a LOT of HDR’s because at the time i was convinced that it was the Only way to handle full sunlight to deep shadow effectively, with today’s digital cameras. From there we got in the car, warmed up, and headed over to the entrance of Sykes, which when we arrived, we found a bulldozer, and a Excavator and a bunch of people in plastic suits and respirators. We stopped for only a minute to get a picture to send to some friends of Carl’s to inform them of the change, and got the evil eye from a number of clean up crew. We decided to bag that, and head out to Agway, for the rest of the day.

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