Testing the new WordPress

Testing the new Word press, now that I have everything setup again.

So its been a while since I updated: I purchased a lot of camera gear over the past year, starting with a 5DIII to replace the aging 1DsII I had. This re-ignited my passion for photography and I’ve really been working on it since ~July last year, cleaning up my archive, sorting, deleting, editing, culling, backing up…


I did get a chance very recently to visit the Cedar Run Wildlife rehabilitation and refuge recently. I was able to get many great pictures of the birds and owls there, as they would bring them out for ~10 of us to photograph.


Here is a sample of photos I got of the Redtailed Hawk, Screech owls, Great Horned Owl and others.

[flickrset id=”72157633397730958″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

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