Gasp – An update

No I didnt die, or loose my internet, but this summer has seen a ton of stuff I’ve had to do and updating here wasnt there, plus I wasnt shooting much of my own stuff soooo.
I posted a few days (so far) of my trip to Acadia, so I’m putting my Acadia pics here too.

This is Day 1, the day we arrived in Acadia National Park. We drove up from Portland the morning before this, and from NJ to Portland the day before that, with Extremely done driver front brake pads, so at 7am, I sat in the AutoZone parking lot with new “tools” (they lend out $3K engine cranes, but a set of handtools, THOSE you’ll have to buy buddy) and replaced my pads. The tire shop I had put on my tires maybe 4 days before that TOLD me, after he VERIFIED with the tech that my fronts were at 1/4″.. yea, 1/4″ on the outside, the insides were down to the metal backing….

never listen to your “mechanic”

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