International Boiler Works

So almost 2 months ago, Carl came to visit and on the day after New Years, we went to visit the International Boiler Works, in East Stroudsburg, PA. Luckily, our fears of problematic parking due to the use of 2 cars were unfounded, and we were able to make use of a local “prep” school parking lot literally across the street from the “entrance” to the boiler works.
The main building is absolutely huge and I cant imagine how large it was filled with machinery and tooling. We wondered around the facilities for a while, looking at the graphitti and destruction, from numerous visitors. Paintball games and hangout spots were clearly visible in almost every building.
The facilities have been basically torn up, with anything breakable, broken. The facilities are very damaged by mother nature as well, plants reclaiming the grounds, and most of the structure rusted and breaking up. The building is still in good shape considering, and we were not considered about safety, even climbing stairs or walking around any of the buildings.
Over all, it was very interesting, and worth while shooting site.
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