Ironton Rail Trail

having some down time allows you to find all sorts of fun places to visit

We found this one, from a friend from the camera store I used to work at. The Ironton Rail Trail offered a few things to photograph, and was fairly close by.

there were a few abandoned buildings, and one massive 3-4 story building with nothing but the 4 walls standing, and the iron beams that formed the roof.  We wandered around, photographing along the way, but drove between 2 of the main sections, as there was about a 5 mile walk between them, and even then that wouldnt have covered the entirety of where we explored.

We did see a few kids building a fire in one of the buildings, next to a tent. Kristin and I wondered if they were run-aways or just hanging out for the weekend.

Now : Pictures!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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