Rochester – Day 1 – Agway

So after we froze in the subway, we head over to DataTronics, which was in the midst of a cleanup. Relucantly, we turned away and headed back to Carl’s place to decide what to do.

We decided to head out to Lyons, and check out Agway Fertilizer. We parked across the street (for the most part) in some commercial parking lot, which was the only point of concern, since NJ is a lot different when it comes to parking for abandoned buildings. We trekked down the street and checked it out. The interior was very interesting because of the snow that had flown inside, but the bare concrete structure was very interesting.

Many of the large holes in the exterior gave me much concern exposure wise, and ended up doing a Number of bracketed shots, to convert to “HDRs” later. Exposure blending or fusion was another technique I tried to make the full range of details come alive in the images. After about 2 hours, the light was fading fast, and without lunch we were all getting very hungry, so we called it a day, and headed back to Henrietta to get some BWW!

slat walls_Panorama1 XM1A9383 XM1A9419

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