Rochester Visit – Day 0.5 – Ashley PA, Huber Coal Breaker

As we planned our trip to Rochester, we found afew places to check out along the ride up. The best of the bunch, based on location, “coolness” factor, and approachability, was the Huber Coal breaker in Ashely, PA. The trip to it was fairly easy.

Finding a spot to part was a bit harder. The winter season is not exactly the time that people would be parking in the “public ballfield”, so we passed on that, and the side streets around were filled with houses with cars in the street.

Moving on we found no way to really access it, so we decided to throw a hail marry and ask the “Earth Conservency” that was basically directly in front of it along the main road.

They said they did not own it (but later reading says there is some dispute about that) and the construction company next door might be willing to let us in.

We went over there, parked and started to walk to the front door, when an older man in a pickup yelled at us, asking “what do you want?”

We explained we wanted to take pictures of the breaker, and were looking for the owner.

“Yea, just be careful” was what he responded with….

“Are you the owner?” was ours.

“I gotta teach You people how to talk! You dont answer a question with a question!”

Ok, thanks! Well be on our way. I was quiet taken aback with his attitude, but he was on the property and gave us permission so thats good with me!

We spent about an hour and a half, to 2 hours, walking around. Its a Huge factory, and has a ton of buildings, many of which are on the verge of unsafe.

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